Xiaomi Foldabe smartphone

Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone New Images Show

Hello friends, we are very pleased to inform you that who like Xiaomi. This brand has just announced a big announcement that soon this year. Xiaomi is going to launch a Xiaomi foldable smartphone and some of its photos and Videos are a company Which is very beautiful.

And looks like you will like this phone very easily and its new look will appeal to everyone. So This Brands has another all the companies Front put big challenge and as a gift Xiaomi foldable smartphone to your loved ones giving you all.

Xiaomi Foldabe smartphone
Xiaomi Foldable smartphone @ LetsGoDigital

Although he knows already shown videos and photos about prototypes of his foldable phone. Xiaomi has now shown official renderings and told how the device will work.

In a statement issued to LetsGoDigital. The company reported details on the development of the smartphone and the participation of a “company of the chain of suppliers”.

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Xiaomi foldable smartphone release

Late last year, LetsGoDigital obtained a research report from the Korean research agency CGS-CIMB Research. In this report, Xiaomi was first associated with the foldable smartphone. This source reported that Xiaomi will introduce a Xiaomi foldable smartphone in the second half of 2019.

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Xiaomi Foldabe smartphone 2
Xiaomi Foldable smartphone @LetsGoDigital

The device, other than those presented by competitors such as Samsung has two foldable sides on the sides. With this Xiaomi points out that there are difficulties in developing a system adaptable to all possibilities.

“Xiaomi is the first in the world to introduce a dual-fold smartphone and has the same technical challenges for. its three forms – double folded, folded on one side only and tablet-built.” the latter being the whole device open.

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Xiaomi Foldabe smartphone
Xiaomi Foldable smartphone @LetsGoDigital

New Xiaomi foldable Smartphone format

The company said it is producing both the screen, the design. The folding mechanism and also the adaptation of the operating system to the device.

“It is ignorance to believe a folding screen can fast turn into a foldable smartphone without significant advances in technology. Following up our chain has unique participation, “he explains.

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Along with the statement, the site also presented rendered images of the gadget. Which may represent the final product, but should not be considered. In fact, the site points out that the operating system placed in the photos does not represent the final version.

The proposal is that the device can bend on the sides to the back and turn into a smartphone. With the two flaps open, they can also use it as a tablet.

Xiaomi Foldabe smartphone
Xiaomi Foldable smartphone @ LetsGoDigital

The left-over format allows the device to effectively have no side edges since they are still the screen. Another point is that there is no position for the camera, neither in the back nor the front, which can pose a challenge for the developers. The expectation is that it is in the crease that can be formed with the closing of the two tabs. Since it is possible to have a screen on both sides, it makes sense that the gadget has only one camera for both selfie and more complex photos. In the pictures, there is also a button on the top of the smartphone, plus a USB-C port on the bottom.

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Xiaomi Foldabe smartphone 6
Tablet Xiaomi Foldable smartphone @LetsGoDigital


Xiaomi foldable smartphone Other possible uses

The rendered model shows good challenges of the foldable screen. The first is how to keep the device protected. The photos show only the folded screen “out”, ie as if the tablet folded back. This causes the screen to turn off, showing that this will be the positioning of the device in locked mode. Unless it also folds in the other direction, this means that the screen will always be displayed in the user’s pocket.

Another problem will be how to make a device with all these aspects and mechanisms of a foldable device maintaining a thin thickness even in smartphone mode.

Xiaomi Foldabe smartphone 7
All Xiaomi Foldable smartphone @LetsGoDigital

Despite the images and information, Xiaomi has not yet announced when it intends to launch its device of the type, still in the prototype stage. According to LetGoDigital, the company is still seeking a name for the collapsible smartphone. The main options so far would be Xiaomi Dual Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex.

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We hope you have liked this article because in this article. Today we have told you about Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone. And when it will launch, all of its details will show you step by step in this article. And which product will launch Xiaomi All this has been told to you in this article. If you like the article here, then you tell us in the comment below. Thank you so much.

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