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Vivo Apex is without Buttons,USB port, front Camera



The Vivo is one of the most important manufacturers in China.  first of brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus for change. The brand is launching the Vivo Apex 2019 the most concept smartphone of the year, so far.

The device is still just a concept but well shows what we should see in the next few years in the market. It features almost no input just a small clipping below the screen to the microphone with no USB port.  Speaker grille or tray for inserting a SIM. All this on a large glass screen.

The Vivo Nex series is Vivo Apex 2019

We can say Vivo starts the race for changes in the mobile market. although other brands have come up with interesting inventions. such as Royale with Flex Pai the first folding smartphone.The Vivo Nex series is the most important in this sense although Apex is close to change.

The surface of the device counts on the concept Water drop Glass referring to the extra thickness. present in the edges as an alternative to the metal still offering a more translucent appearance.

The Vivo Nex series is Vivo Apex 2019

The Vivo Nex series is Vivo Apex 2019 @

Vivo Apex 2019 ideal look

The Apex 2019 comes with a totally minimalist and ideal look with no headphone jack USB port. physical buttons and, amazingly without the front camera.

As the smartphone does not use a notch the life would order of this item to not have to use the notch. or another retractable device as set up in Mi MIX 3 Still, the result was very interesting:

The creation of this anybody glass with great thickness needs a process including heat bending and CNC machining. Part of the glass also houses a set of three pressure sensitive buttons.

The Vivo Nex series is Vivo Apex 2019

The Vivo Nex series is Vivo Apex 2019 @

Vivo Apex 2019 is an e-Sim

The APEX 2019 will come with a full-screen fingerprint scanner, making unlocking something more comfortable and fast. The OLED display will still house an  “invisible” speaker and headset space, replacing the common input with a magnetic connector called Mag Port, in the lower back. To replace the SIM tray, an eSim will come built-in.

The Apex 2019 does not have a SIM card entry, using the e-SIM, which is the virtual card that comes installed inside the device (we talk more about it in this article). There is also no audio output, ie speakers since the sound comes from inside the unit.

Biometrics is fixed throughout the entire screen while charging can be done through a Qi-based base or through a proprietary magnetic cable.

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Vivo Apex 2019

Vivo Apex 2019 @

Vivo Apex Specification

Not yet priced or required to take place on the market the Vivo Apex 2019 comes supplied.  With state-of-the-art hardware with Snapdragon 855 processor the configuration for up to 12GB of RAM and 5G connectivity. The latter being the most coveted feature among this year’s releases.

Vivo Apex SpecificationBesides the visual, Vivo also provided information on the possible specifications of the APEX 2019. Snapdragon 855 chipset, 5G network support, 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, 12MP + 13MP dual rear camera and possibly, front “pop-up” camera.

Vivo Apex 2019

Vivo Apex 2019 @

System: Fun touch OS with Android Pie;

Screen: 6.36 “OLED;

Processor: Snapdragon 855;

RAM: 12 GB;

Storage: 512 GB;

Dual rear camera.

OnePlus 7 it does not mimic the iPhone

Vivo Apex 2019 is due to be announced MWC

Vivo already showed prototypes of the concept at an event in Beijing.  The expectation now is that they will also show it at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will take place next month.

Further details about Vivo Apex 2019 are due to be announced.  during the MWC in Barcelona at the event that Vivo has scheduled at the fair. The novelty may surprise or disappoint some but besides the foldable.  “no-hole” smartphones are another big industry bet for years to come.

So, would you have an Apex 2019?

Vivo Apex 2019 Official Promo

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