Uber Eats Redesigns Order Tracking to Help the User Experience

Hello friends Today, in this article. We will give you all this information about this food delivery company in Uber Eats. This food delivery company because today Uber Eats has made a lot of changes inside. The Uber Eats app for its customer and redesigns it. By ordering the customer to order your choice, you can easily deliver at your home and. You will read all its details below in this article.

Uber Eats App
Uber Eats App @ Androidsecret.com

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Uber Eats App to help the user experience

The Uber Eats, food delivery arm and products Uber is constantly dropping. An update that brings a redesign of the order-tracking tool. In it, the user can follow the safe process from the moment. You finish your purchase until you pick up the order at home.

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Among the curiosities are status updates regarding the study of the order. The routes of the deliverer to pick it up and to deliver it. And timestamps that update the user of the deals with required in the plan. And delivery of the order. Some competing apps again do that today, that is.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery (iPhone App)

Since I fix Far custom devices, Uber still brought out in this update different phone processes. Between the individual making the order and the deliverer before the order. Inconveniences looked at in the middle of this deal with will stilled quite inform by the app. And any cancellations and delays.

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The update will be available to iOS and Android users but gently. First, only Miami, San Francisco, and Washington will receive it. Other cities in the world, serviced by uber eats app, will receive it next, but no exact date.


We hope you have liked this article because today we have been redesigning. The Uber Eats App in our article for our customers so that. They have none kind of trouble to order their favorite food. If you liked the article here yesterday, then you can tell us in the comment below.

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Uber Eats Redesigns Order Tracking to Help the User Experience
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