Hello friends, now we use a very rare topic in this article. In this article, Hackers have Earned More than $ 330,000 in a Sextortion Campaign. It writes whatever in this article, someone gets got it from the Digital Shadows.

Recently, the world’s most hackers have hacked 792,000 email addresses. And This leaves done him a lot of money and they issued it from News USA Security.

An online extortion campaign involving alleged Sextortion content has set up higher than $ 332,000 for hackers. These are the data revealed by Digital Shadows, an information security analytics company.

Which investigated the use of a criminal act that picked up strength during last year. Reaching over 792,000 email addresses worldwide.

The Highest Number of Victims

Brazil is also in second place among the countries with the highest number of victims of this coup. With 5.3% of the money sent to the accounts of the criminals having the country as the origin. First was Vietnam, with 8.5%, and third with India, with 4.7%. The low percentages, according to experts. Show that the coup had a global scale and was not targeted to a specific territory.

The practice has continued since 2017 and gained strength with the growth of virtual currencies. Which helped the transfer of funds and, especially. Made it difficult to track those liable for fraud.

In the second half of last year, about 3,100 people sent money to criminals for the secrecy of images and intimate videos they did not even have.

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Sextortion Campaign:

The action happened by e-mail, from leaked details of companies or online services. In a bold text. The hacker claimed to have invaded social networking accounts and online storage services and made copies of the victim in provocative poses or performing Sextortion acts.

They cited a simple password, from these most popular credential lists that are issued every year. As evidence of the security abuse, while the risk was to move the information to family, friends, and co-workers.

Early warnings about the extortion campaign are declaring by professionals at Cornell University in the United States. And thus repeated by companies such as Kroll and ESET.

Even without reason that the hackers have made intimate. Works many different users with a leak eventually sent money to the criminals. Even if they used civil and unsafe passwords it shows strange that a cloud storage profile and service compromise reached.

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Social Knowledge Sextortion Network

The Digital Shadows report also cites a step up in the exactness of such charges to get victims of the risk. It used a social plan to spew outgoing emails.

With social knowledge and moving from social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook applying to help mark the blackmail. This would go on, however, only with a few spots, while most received generic emails, but also useful.

Hackers Use Bitcoin Securities


Bitcoin @ Androidsecret.com

Also, according to the company revealed, the criminals used 92 Bitcoin securities to receive the funds. It is not clear whether they all belong to the same group of hackers or if with the demand of the stroke. More gangs used the same method to extort users.

The findings also involve compromising real-life hosting servers too. Hide e-mail firing and reduce the reach of spam filters.

Experts also point to the second variation of this blow, still in growth. Using public data from services that file claims, hackers would warn users.

With the release of disturbing or compromising information from the legal system. Also requiring money in return for secrecy in front of Co-workers, principally.

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We wish you have liked this article because of today. We have decided to show you some information from the security USA in this article. Actors hacked 792,000 email addresses from the Sextortion Campaign and earned a lot of money from this Sextortion Campaign.

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Hackers have Earned More than $ 330,000 in a Sextortion Campaign
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