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Data Privacy Day | Online Safety Awareness Day



Today, we will learn about Data Privacy Day 28 January 2019 in this article about how all the big companies. In the world live their data privacy and how it feels and with this expert team. these things are great in this article today.

This Monday (28) marks the International Day of Privacy and Data Protection. One of the great themes of last year and pointed out as one of the great problems for 2019. Data Privacy Day The proposal is to alert both users and companies to dangers in being relapsed with the security of your information. And remember that you need to adjust to new industry standards this year.

Data Privacy Day | January 28,

In August last year, then-President Michel Temer sanctioned Law No. 13,709 /2018 also known as the General Data Protection Act. Its European version inspired I the so-called GDPR, which came into effect last year.

As a result, companies needed to tell users what data to store and how they do it. Both in physical and digital environments. In practical terms. If you want to know what information a company owns and how it is stored, you must have an easy. Fast and understandable way to get it.

Our Law, however, will only come into force in August of this year Data Privacy Day. This means that by then companies need to adhere to these parameters imposed by legislation.

Why Worry?

GDPR there in Europe gained momentum between March and April of last year because of the Cambridge Analytica case. Such a company misused data profiles of over 87 million Facebook users.

Information that was used for campaigns that elected Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States, and Brexit. Where the United Kingdom left in a part of the European Union.

Such an event has put the spotlight on the debate to regulate how many companies can get from user data. It is worth mentioning that GDPR was not a law because of Facebook.

But this whole scenario helped to make the concern about use and storage of data in the public. Here in Brazil, for example, our general law was allowed. As a matter of urgency in June, because of the mid-year parliamentary recess.

Data Privacy Day However, it is not just Facebook that has difficulty keeping your data safe. There are several cases of information that are leaked by large companies around the world.

In November 2018, for example, the Marriott hotel chain reported. A data leak of 500 million guests worldwide including its Brazilian database.

Last year, too, NASA went through a series of security issues that agreed with employee data and projects.

Still here in Brazil, a digital security researcher named Bob Diachenko found that data from thousands of Brazilians were displayed. In European information banks including Fies’s records. Despite this, the organization said it destroyed the data.

Researcher Tony Hunt, who gained information on 87 gigabytes of emails, passwords and other data on the Mega download site discovered the latest major leak.

What is the consequence of this?

Unsafe maintenance and storage can have two direct consequences. One is improper use and not allowed by the user. This is the case with Cambridge Analytica. Users who reported the data by a quiz on the social network allowed that information to be used for scientific research and not for election campaigning.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, Answering Questions on Facebook Data in the American Senate (Photo: Capture)

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, Answering Questions on Facebook Data in the American Senate (Photo: Capture)

A second case may be hackers using passwords and leaked information to apply scams via email, smartphone or any other form of contact. They can, for example, say they know a password of yours to give more truth to a simulated scenario in which they claim to have invaded your computer and ask for redemption not to expose personal information or photos.

Here, an unsuspecting person can fall into the blow by seeing their information perfectly described in an email and if they become paralyzed with fear.

How to Protect Your Data? (Data Privacy Day)

For the average user, there are simple practices that can increase the security of your data. Working with strong and varied passwords for each platform (one for e-mail, another for Facebook, another for Twitter) is already a great step to stay safe. That is because if one of these platforms leaks your data, it does not expose you in all others.

Also, avoid getting into public networks and always know of scams of suspicious messages in WhatsApp and email.

But companies need to take bigger and more expensive measures to comply with the law that goes into effect by August. A study conducted by IBM in partnership with the Ponemon Institute shows that the average cost of a data breach in Brazil is R $1.24 million for companies. But the good news is that the country has the best index among the regions studied by the survey.

In comparison, the United States followed first with a cost of US $7.91 million, followed by the Middle East, with the US $5.31 million. Next to Brazil, in the flashlight is India, with the US $1.24 million.

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Data Privacy Day | Large Companies

Not to risk it, Dani Dilkin, Associate Managing Director of Kroll, points out some actions. The first and simplest is to know how the new law will affect the company. This is because large companies have more data and need more time to work with them.

Therefore, you must appoint a person to work only with this. However, not only will this sector know of this. “Seeking compliance is not just the craft of security, legal and IT.

It does not restrict the effort to these segments but also depends on the company’s decision to tailor. Its business process and integrate for example senior management and the commercial area, Dilkin reports.

Data Privacy Day Still, it is worth for the company to have a general notion of its information, to test the impacts that this data has for the group and the risks it runs.

Finally, the recommendation is also that if you look for references of companies of a similar size to yours and have already gone through this process in Europe, since the law, there, came into force last year.

Beware of comparison, too. Today, giant companies such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Spotify are still struggling to provide the data GDPR imposes.

NOYB Data Access

An Austrian NGO called NOYB tested the data access tool of these giants and concluded that they all failed at some point. She made a request on behalf of 10 different users with their permission.

The points are the response to the request, completeness of the masked data. Ability to understand the data and background information of the platform. It relates this last point to the user’s right to know the sources, reasons the company has that information. It expresses all in European law.

Data Privacy Day

I assigned the date of January 28, to Data Privacy Day an event organized by the Council of Europe. Data Privacy Day As an initiative to provide education and alerts on the privacy of data to users and businesses. In 2008, it also extended the date to the United States and Canada.

The National Cyber Security Alliance:

We chose the day as the anniversary of the signing of Convention 108, which took place on January 28, 1981, marking the first international legal treaty on privacy and data protection. Today Stay Safe Online a site created by the National Cyber Security Alliance already joins forces with over 300 leading organizations as Data Privacy Day they pool resources and share privacy tips for public benefit.

To become a champion company of Data Privacy Day you need to make a record stating your dedication to respecting. The privacy of the user protecting the data and offering confidence.

Interested parties can also support the initiative by watching the live broadcast of the event. Which takes place on Monday at 8 pm Brazil time Data Privacy Day at the LinkedIn office in San Francisco California.


We hope you have liked this article because in this article. Today we have told you everything from Data Entity Day to its relation and how the world’s big companies fight and how you keep them happy. You have been told well in the article if you like this article then you can tell us in the comment below.

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