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New Three more Xiaomi Mobile’s are upgraded to Android 9 P

In the world of Android 9 P, Xiaomi Mi A2, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Are already ready for Xiaomi, or even close to upgrading to the latest version of Android 9 P.

Xiaomi Mi A2

Starting with Android 9 P one device of the triad, namely Xiaomi Mi A2, which after the trial period is now officially on Android 9 P.

Those who have not received OTA Update will soon be able to download the entire Firmware from. the MIUI page, which is more than 1GB in size, and upgrades your device to the latest version with the November patch.

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Xiaomi Mi A 2
Xiaomi Mi A (Screenshot)

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Pocophone F1

The second device on the verge of Android 9.0 is the popular Pocophone F1, which a few days after the upgrade to MIUI 10, takes its turn in Android 9 P after the Poco phone got its first Beta release for Android 9 P

So you can download the Beta, and take part in the testing of the new version of Pocophone.

Android 9 p
Android 9 p Screenshot @ Twitter

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Latest and huge, comes the Xiaomi Mobile’s Mi Max 3, which is one of the two devices that will get Android Update in the new MIUI 10 beta 8.11.15. Redmi 5 will be upgraded to Android 8.1, and Xiaomi’s Phablet on Android 9 P

Inside the week, there are also the jokes for the owners of Max 3.

Google launched the Android 9 P as the latest version of the Android operating system. On the same day.

Xiaomi Mobile’s confirmed that Mi MIX 2S will be its first smartphone to receive the latest MIUI 10 based on Android 9 P Foot. In fact, shortly after the officialization of Android 9 P, some of Mi MIX 2S users received the closed beta of Android 9 Pi MIUI 10 8.8.7 in China through an OTA update.

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With this, Xiaomi Mobile’s became the first company to launch an Android 9 with the custom interface.

This shows how quickly Xiaomi worked to launch the MIUI 9 Android 9 P for the Mi MIX 2S.

During the Google, I / O 2018 event held in May this year, the search engine giant made. The Android P display edition available to developers for various non-Google devices such as Nokia 7+ Plus Sony Xperia. XZ2, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, Essential PH-1, and OnePlus 6.

Google has already released Android 9 P on their Pixel devices. In addition to the Pixel devices, the non-Google devices mentioned above will be the first to be presented with the stable version of Android 9 P

To upgrade to the global edition of the closed beta of Android P, Mi MIX 2S users can sign up through the official MIUI Forum website or application.


The update tags along the MIUI 10 programmer ROM. Mi MIX 2S shows that it is one of the first smartphones to support Google ARCore.

These achievements are the result of Xiaomi has managed to build a good relationship with Google over the last two years.

Last year, Xiaomi launched the Mi A1 as its first Android One smartphone in partnership with Google.

The newly released Mi A2 Android One is now available in more comprehensive markets. Because Mi A1 and Mi A2 are Android One phones, it will upgrade these devices to Android P.

Android 9 P With AI features:

The Android 9 P comes with many AI features, such as AI Adaptive Adaptive Battery and Brightness. Which allows the phone to learn the user’s usage pattern and consequently adjust the brightness level and battery consumption.

In-app actions are also another artificial intelligence-driven feature that can predict user actions based on context. In addition, Android P  includes dedicated settings for manipulating or hiding the screen slot. Also equipped with different navigation gestures.

In addition to the features of the Android 9 P, the new MIUI 10 brings improvements in the phone’s capabilities for capturing portraits. In addition, MIUI 10 also features its own version of gesture-based navigation.

Xiaomi officially confirmed that the Android 9 P based on the MIUI 9 will also arrive for other Xiaomi phones. However, the company is yet to confirm in a release schedule the release of the latest version of Android P for its devices.


I hope you have liked this article very much because we have got a new update inside Xiaomi. Today, which is Android 9P if you like it or have some questions then you can feel free to comment below.

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New Three more Xiaomi Mobile's are upgraded to Android 9 P
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