Xiaomi Mi 9 and Pocophone F2 are on the way

Xiaomi Mi 9 and Pocophone F2 are on the way

In this Article, We are Looking Xiaomi Mi 9 and Pocophone F2 are on the way. What’s New?

The beginning of 2019 is hot and we are seeing leaks from many devices, besides updates. Nothing very innovative, but the manufacturers show they are at full steam in their projects. Recently, news on Xiaomi’s two best-selling lines, the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Pocophone F2, were unveiled.

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It is useless to ignore how Xiaomi with its subsidiary Pocophone attracted. Xiaomi Mi 9 the mind of the full world during the second half of 2018.

The Pocophone F1 was an international success, but still had small flaws that the company must repair with its successor Pocophone F2. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is not behind and making interior comparable to the device of the Poco invests in a superior finish.

Pocophone F2 – Specifications on Geek bench

It saw a smartphone labeled “Xiaomi FOCO F2 on the Geek bench, according to Gizmo china. Although not official, it is believed to be the second generation. of the top-of-the-line smartphone from Poco, a subsidiary of Xiaomi.

In the image below, you check information about its processing:

Possible P2 Pocophone on Geekbench / © Geekbench
Possible P2 Pocophone on Geekbench / © Geekbench

As we can see, there is important information there, the main one being the processor. It is possible that we see a new generation of the brand with the same processor of its first model, a Snapdragon 845. This is still a powerful processor, and the fact of being of last year would make the smartphone cheaper.

Pocophone F1
Pocophone F1 @

Also, bringing the same SOC and the same amount of RAM, the F2 could make room for improvements in other fields such as a screen, battery, and camera.

One option is a notch smaller than the F1 sports, as a drop, it to launch famous in the devices.

It is not very likely that the finish comes out of the polycarbonate, as this helps to differentiate the Pocophone from the Xiaomi’s flagship car, the Mi line. And speaking of her, let’s see what we have about the future My 9.

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Xiaomi Mi 9 – Specifications, price and release date

Already the top of the line Xiaomi had much more information revealed, bringing not only its specifications but also its possible price and release date.

It has revealed that when compared to the specs of Pocophone F2, show that perhaps in 2019 these two devices are much more different from each other?

It leaked the information on the website Weibo, a Chinese social network, and report on a device that brings the best settings available:

Fabric: 6.4 “AMOLED FHD + 19: 9;

Dimensions: 155 x 75 x 7.6 mm;

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855;

Memory RAM: 6 GB;

Storage: 128 GB;

Rear camera: 48 MP Sony IMX586 + 12 MP sensor + 3D TOF camera;

Front camera: 24 MP sensor Sony IMX576;

A sensor below the screen;

Battery: 3.500 mAh with 32W quick charger.

Some specs are very similar to the OnePlus 6T smartphone. Xiaomi Mi 9 that has been gaining criticism as one of the best handsets of 2018. It supposes the launch to happen in the MWC Xiaomi Mi 9. Which happens in late February since it should be available for purchase at the beginning of March.

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The initial price of the device will be 3,000 yuan Xiaomi Mi 9. Which converted into reads will be approximately R $ 1,625 without taxes.

This should be the simplest model value with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Xiaomi Mi 9 but it expects more expensive sets.

In addition, it expects Xiaomi Mi 9 to come with the fingerprint reader below the screen in one variant, and bring MIUI 10 running with Android under the hood.


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