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Galaxy S10 Camera “Night Vision”Function Same Of Google Pixel 3

The Galaxy S10, it will launch which is 2019, will mark the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S line. With this I expect Samsung to celebrate in a great style this occasion putting on sale a model.

Samsung Galaxy s10 with very interesting characteristics and that has great prominence in the market.

Some rumors about the model are already popping up on the internet. Samsung Galaxy s10 I separated some of them.

Night view on the camera

Update, by Bruno Salutes [12/21 at 11:13]

Google released the Night Sight function recently but changed the pictures made by Pixel in low light conditions.

Other makers however such as Huawei and OnePlus have completed features related. Samsung Galaxy s10 the night mode of Google’s camera software and clearly, Samsung will follow suit.

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Samsung Galaxy s10 a code is seen by XDA users in the beta version of One UI Samsung’s new interface.

Samsung Galaxy s10 tells that the company is managing on a feature called “Bright Vision”.

Which will take a placement of photos in low light and no flash to then mix them into a secret photo Samsung Galaxy s10?

Besides the novelty for night shots, the brand is working on a new system to enhance Super Slow-Motion.

Pixel Night Sight 3
Pixel Night Sight 3

Galaxy S10 – Largest leak

The site Phone Arena had entry to pictures that reveal more details about the Galaxy S10 series.

These semi-professional renderings largely confirm leaks and information that have then been issued.

In fact, we can expect three models: Galaxy S10 (6.1 “), S10 Plus (6.4”) and S10 Lite (5.8 “).

The two main models must have a triple camera while Lite will come with dual-camera. Samsung Galaxy s10 but it will equip all with OLED panels an and 2K resolution.

Phone Arena
Phone Arena@

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In relation to the camera, only the S10 Plus should come with two cameras for selfies. Galaxy s10 resulting in a wider circular notch.

I may consider this the most consistent and widespread leak related to the Galaxy S10 so far.

Phone Arena
Phone Arena@

Samsung according to sources heard by Phone Arena is doing everything to not follow the primer of Apple.

Samsung Galaxy s10 should send in the box a new powerful charger.

With more watts, and equip the model more accessible with OLED not LCD as with the iPhone XR.

Another point in this direction is that the three versions will have a connection for standard headphones.

© Phone Arena2
© Phone Arena

Samsung Galaxy s10 display

Previous rumors have already pointed out I would maintain the entry of 3.5 mm. in the Galaxy S10. They should confirm which with the launch.

However, the same source revealed to the site that these connectors should disappear. with the Galaxy Note 10 and with the foldable Galaxy.

Another difference of the Galaxy S10 Lite will be. the absence of Edge edges ie the screen of this model will be flat.

© Phone Arena2
© Phone

Galaxy S10 – Prices

According to, so-called version prices have been supposed by strong sources linked to the arrangement line of new stocks.

These rumors bet that the versions of S10 will have the following prices:

Galaxy S10 – 6.1 “with 128 GB: $ 1,012 (R $ 3,934 without taxes);

6.1 “with 512 GB: US $ 1,265 (R $ 4,917 without taxes);

Galaxy S10 Lite – 5.8 “with 128 GB: $850 (R $ 3,304 without taxes);

Galaxy S10 Plus – 6.4 “with 128 GB: US $ 1,140 (R $ 4,431 without taxes);

6.4 “with 512 GB: $ 1,393 (R $ 5,415 without taxes);

6.4 “with 1 TB: US $ 1,775 (R $ 6,900 without taxes).

The most expensive, and most complete, iPhone sold by Apple unlocked costs $ 1,449.00, the Xs Max of 512 GB.

Here in India, this same model costs R $ 9,999 and being the S10 Plus of 1 TB. The best version and costing the US $ 1,775, I prefer not even imagine how much Samsung can sell it to us.

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Galaxy S10 – Standard input for headphones

In a new leak, published this time by the Ice Universe, the information did publish about the permanence of the conventional 3.5 mm input for headphones, also known as P2 input.

A silicone cover that would have been designed for the S10 shows that Samsung should maintain the link in this generation without replacing it with USB-C.

The Galaxy S10 protective case
The Galaxy S10 protective

Galaxy S10 – Plus with different notch

Leaks reinforce that the Galaxy S10 will feature notch on the screen which is the clipping on the display to accommodate sensors.

The novelty regarding the S0 Plus model arrives at the hands of Ice universe, which guarantees that this version will have a different finish for the notch.

I will need the change compared to the common S10 because this model comes with two cameras in the front.

Instead of a notch in the upper right corner, the bet is that the S10 Plus has two holes or a larger cutout, as shown in the two samples below.

Besides the screen details, it has recently been announced that the Galaxy S10 series can boast 8 GB versions and 12 GB of RAM, 1 TB. Samsung Galaxy s10 of storage and more options with 5G connectivity outside of South Korea.

S10 Plus and its variations from notch to dual-camera
S10 Plus and its variations from notch to dual-camera

Galaxy S10 – Galaxy A8s design looks similar

The Galaxy A8s is a device released recently before the Galaxy S10. Rumors of the Samsung marblings profile show that this model which features the Infinity-O see which is nobody more than the notch on the screen in a circle format that only serves to accommodate the front camera has a notch size.

That will be unique between both being of the larger A8s, with 6.7mm and the smaller Galaxy S10 something around 2.5mm.

The A8s comes with three cameras, and the Galaxy A7, for example, and this will also be new among the variants of the S10.

Recently, the Gizmo china website has revealed that the 5G version will have a ceramic backing, while the S10 and S10 Plus will be textured with gradient colors on the rear in the larger Huawei style.

A8 Samsung

Galaxy S10 – Front Glass of Galaxy S10

The always famous for expecting leaks through industry-safe sources, Ice Universe, has revealed what should be the front panel of the Galaxy S10.

The images show the glass that should cover the screen of the smaller model and also of the S10 +which will have a larger size.

We can note that both the top and bottom edges are much smaller than the current standard used on the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, with a small cutout on the top that should house the speaker and sensors.

It expects Samsung to use the note in a circle format, as shown in the topic below, to place the camera. The iris sensor, released with Note 7, will be out of the upcoming releases.

Leaked panels, however, only show that there will be curved edges since the notch itself is a “cutout” made only on the display, not the glass layer.

Panels of S10 and S10
Panels of S10 and

Galaxy S10 – Basic version without biometrics on screen and a triple camera

Apparently, the Galaxy S10 will have three versions, one with inferior features Galaxy s10. This version, known as Galaxy S10 Lite, should not bring biometrics under the screen and triple camera as is expected in the other variants.

This model should come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (6GB + 64GB in the S10 “middle” and 6GB + 128GB in the best version).

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The S10 Lite should have biometrics on the side built into the power button and dual camera. Despite being a model with these lower characteristics, Lite can reach the market costing up to 750 dollars (R $ 2,850 without taxes).

This model should also have, according to Ben Geskin, the visual Infinity-O, which is nothing more than the Infinite Screen with the notch in a circle format in the upper left corner.

Supposed visual of S10
Supposed visual of

Galaxy S10 – Screen Capture Without Iris Sensor

According to Ben Geskin, who skips early information about smartphones, Samsung will use a notch in a circular format to accommodate the front camera and presence sensor of the Galaxy S10.

The model should have, in exact numbers, even thinner edges than the iPhone Xs Max, Oppo Find X and Xiaomi Mi MIX 3.

This will be possible because, despite the notch, Samsung has been able to further bend the edges of its traditional Super AMOLED screen with Edge effect.

Ice Universe has proven to be a reliable informant and, in addition, it is carefully covering the leaks of the Galaxy S10 at the request of Samsung itself and suppliers.

He also ensures that the company gave up the iris scanner to invest in ultrasonic biometrics under the screen, meaning the S10 should not rely on a dedicated face recognition system.

Galaxy S10 – Beta of Android Pie reveals the appearance

It has released few details regarding the look of the Galaxy S10. Now, however, a possible clue has been given by the manufacturer’s interface to Android Pie.

I extract the screen below from a version that is being tested in Galaxy Note 9 and displays the rendering of a device with rounded edges and more finals at the top.

Visual displayed by Android beta beta in Note 9
Visual displayed by Android beta in Note 9

Galaxy S10 – New technology for larger battery

Samsung would test a new technology that should optimize the battery circle and make it larger. that is with optimized capacity connected to Note 9.

The SLP (Substrate Like Printed Circuit Board) may be responsible by optimizing the hardware making the space for battery allocation larger.

The only downside, according to dealers who leaked the information, is that this card would only be suitable with Samsung-made Exynos processors, not Qualcomm’s chipset that will be needed in some nations.

Apparently, the manufacturer is conducting a series of tests with Qualcomm to make this technology appropriate.

But there are no guarantees that this should happen by the time of launch, scheduled for March 2019.

Even with the release of this card, the supplier could not tell the actual capacity that the battery would have after implementing this feature. However, Samsung would already have three suppliers ready to produce the plate in sufficient scale for the Exynos versions.

Galaxy S10 – Three cameras and many megapixels

A variant with three cameras is almost certain Galaxy s10. A Twitter account that is known to anticipate some news in this regard released details about their specifications some news.

According to the information, we will have three cameras in the most complete model the top of the series, with the following configurations:

12 MP with a variable aperture between f / 1.5 and f / 2.4, optical stabilization and 78 ° angle

16 MP telephoto lens with f / 1.9 aperture, optical stabilization, and 123 ° angle

13 MP wide with f / 2.4 aperture and 45 ° angle

It expects the second and third lens to deliver images with the aid of the 12 MP main lens, ie, there is unlikely to be any feature that causes the three lenses to work together and deliver some special result.

On the front, the sensor must be dual 16MP and 8MP. Samsung recently introduced this set in the Galaxy A8 and A8 +.

Which deliver the big effect on selfies. In the Galaxy S10 + the secondary sensor is also expected to help with 3D face unlocking. Besides the rear sensors, the S10 + can come with 5 cameras.

Galaxy S10 – Three versions with biometrics under the screen (option 1)

According to sources linked to Samsung, the upcoming Galaxy S10 should bring the biometric sensor under the screen.

The previous rumor in the topic just below (option 2) said only the most “basic” model would have.

the biometry on the side next to the power button while the other two would bring the sensor incorporated into the display.

Samsung Galaxy s10 apparently, however, the game has changed.

It turns out that this “basic” model should bring an optical sensor that has a reading rate. a little lower than the options that will be present in the other variants.

This sensor is inferior because it captures a two-dimensional image of the fingerprint, while in the other two Samsung should use the Qualcomm solution.

Synaptics Announces First Screen Fingerprint Sensor

These same fonts say that the company can implement some changes making all three models of. The Galaxy S10 have a fingerprint reader under the screen.

As we know previous rumors indicated that only the two most expensive variants would rely on this feature.

The more expensive sensors use an ultrasonic scan that makes a better mapping of all fingerprint details, including the user’s pulse.

Samsung has already presented biometric sensors under the screen on other models
Samsung has already presented biometric sensors under the screen on other

Galaxy S10 – Two of the three models will have biometrics under the screen (option 2)

The WCCF Tech site is bringing valuable information about Samsung’s next line tops. As we have already said on the site the plan of the brand is to put three products on the market.

Being a basic model a second-best decorated and the third with the excellent package of hardware.

Exclusive functions Galaxy s10 Inside the basic model is named Beyond 0 Galaxy s10. This should begin according to the site that leaked the information the biometrics on the side of the device.

Already the middle model ‘Beyond 1’ and the premium model. ‘Beyond 2’ will have biometrics built into the screen Samsung Galaxy s10. Remember that both should bring OLED screen 6 or 6.1 inches.

According to the site, Qualcomm will be the supplier of this biometric technology that will cost $14 per unit.

Versus the $2 that each unit of the current biometric sensor used by Samsung behind the Galaxy S9. Samsung Galaxy s10 Prepare your pockets my friends also use.

Sony is the manufacturer that most used the sensor on the side until Samsung Galaxy s10.

The launch of the Xperia XZ2 Motorola is the only one that has been using this approach with Moto Z3 Play.

Galaxy S10 – On-Screen Sound Playback

Samsung can use on the Galaxy S10 the same technology that Xiaomi used in the Mi Mix. Samsung Galaxy s10 which emits sound through the device’s screen. This feature is not exclusive to smartphones and is also present on LG TVs, for example through Crystal Sound technology. Besides the Mi device, Vivo Nex S also uses this ultrasound solution. The sound output from the S10 display can reach 800 Hz.

Galaxy S10 – Powerful processor

The Exynos 9820 should be the processor of the new Galaxy S10 and apparently. It will have dedicated cores to achieve high speeds on Samsung Galaxy s10.

I would activate the Exynos M4 cores based on Cortex-A76 from ARM. Samsung Galaxy s10  so that the devices could reach up to 3.30 GHz speed.

Samsung would also invest in a 7-nanometer architecture and a new system of RAM and storage.

These are the main rumors and they say little concrete about the S10.which has a very interesting code name:

Beyond we hope it really is something special, or beyond your time, however, you want. We have to wait for the next leaks.

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