World Backup Day. Have you made yours?

Hello Friends, Today we will see World Backup Day 2019 in this article. Today’s day is 31st March 2019 i.e. tomorrow will come April 1 and everyone knows. How to make the first April fool is not it. You also make a fool and steal all your data so today is celebrated on the World backup Day 2019 so that we can save all our things.

On March 31, 2011, a group of Reddit users created World Backup Day 2019. To increase user awareness of the value of preserving their own documents. Losing important files may seem like a distant reality, but not quite. One in ten computers is affected by viruses every month. This may mean saying goodbye to your most important data.

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You do not need a human error or system crash to delete all your documents. Robberies and thefts also enter the account: they steal 113 cell phones by the minute in the world. So it’s best to think twice before you postpone that backup.

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Today is World Backup Day. Have you made yours?

[March 31] is not just a day to back up your personal data, but it’s also a day to talk about the enormous task of preserving our heritage and cultural works increasingly digital for future generations,” says the site of the initiative.

The date chosen refers to April Fool’s Day on April 1st. World Backup Day 2019 “Do not be a fool. Make a backup of your files on March 31st.”

World Backup Day
World Backup Day @

The backup works like this: The procedure generates a second copy of your files, such as family photos. Home videos, and emails, and stores them in a safe place. This prevents documents from being stored in one place, such as your computer, and also frees up storage space.

“The backup ensures the integrity of knowledge, settings, databases and user files.” Said Kaspersky Lab senior security analyst Fabio Assolini. If there is a process drop that the user is working, with the backup worked regularly. You can restore your information and not lose any data.

The Special Memory : (World Back Up Day 2019)

Conforming to him, users see copying documents as time-consuming and complicated. “They do not understand the importance and value of their data. To understand how valuable each information stored is, users should suggest how hard it would be to restore everything stored on their computer, whether corporate or personal, from information general as that special memory of a journey. “

The analyst also stresses it should incorporate the backup into the day today. The idea is also to defend by the creators of World Backup Day.

You can automate the backup job. Today, several tools allow you to replace the work you have previously performed manually. Such as a Kaspersky service that automates the backup according to the user’s schedule.

So-called virtual vaults are also a good choice. Saved files are encrypted by a hacking-resistant method and are only revealed with a password. Encryption is transforming information so I can not read it. Only those with a private ID will access the file.

Most users, however, turn to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Both offer a free storage capacity for Internet users. Transferring your files to another computer is another way of protecting yourself and using an external hard drive. A matter from Android secret teaches you three easy ways to protect your files. Check it out.

Anyone who wants to get involved in the serious (World) Day of Backup Day can enter the initiative’s website and share the oath on social networks.

World Backup Day
World Backup Day 2019 @


We hope that you have liked this article because today we have told you about World Cup Day 2019. In this article, how can you back up all your important files from it? And the day off tomorrow, ie April Fools How can you do this article if you like it so you can tell us in the comment below.

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World Backup Day. Have you made yours?
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