Google Signs a Partnership to Move Faster Internet to Cuba

Google Signs a Partnership to Move Faster Internet to Cuba

Hello friends Today, in this article, Google has announced to fast Internet access through Cuba. Google signs and these two countries will help each other. Google signs and America is going to give the fastest Internet access to Cuba. The Google signs CEO of Puchachi Pachai and US President Donald Trump has signed. It so that there is no problem with any kind of internet within Cuba.

There is a large number of urban internet Use more than ARA and take your country forward. For many years, the problem of the Internet has been going on in Cuba. Which is now very soon to end, Google and many big companies are launching on the Internet free. And thereby People’s living conditions are going to change very soon so that you can find all the detail below in this article.

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Google signs Cuba’s relationships with US companies
Google signs Cuba’s relationships with US companies

Google signs a partnership to move faster Internet to Cuba

The notoriously easy and swinging Cuban Internet network. Google signs Maybe related to significant connection changes. According to Reuters news agency Havana-based telephone operator ETECSA. Google signs and modern Internet giant Google has served to make a direct relation to the web design of both groups. Improving access to further popular Internet accounts (such as YouTube and Google Search) to Cuban citizens.

Google signs And ETECSA
Google signs and ETECSA Internet Cuba @

Google signs and ETECSA Desing:

Implementing this Internet traffic exchange supply is pulling out of ETECSA’s plan for the improvement and computerization of the state.” the parties discussed in a collective account to Reuters on Thursday. The market – known in language as “looking”. There is no date still to set up in, and that understanding should set up a company of engineers. Who will drive out the estimate?

Cuba’s relationships with US companies have come into more favorable. And frequent after a test is given at the top of the board of former President Barack Obama. Which holds that firms from the field’s biggest commercial management can offer telecommunications services to the residents of the state of the Caribbean country. The development of the local internet falls on this plan.

The report of the company turned into a time after talk of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. And current US President Donald Trump where they discussed viable opportunities for the state to reconnect amicably with China. A state that too has an extraordinary little stable with Americans.


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