Google announced last Friday (22) that will disable the web platform Google Fit. Last year, the technology giant completely rebuilt the application. And the app on their Android smartphone or smartwatch Wear OS

The company said it took the decision to remain. “focused on adding new features that enhance the Google Fit experience on smartwatches and mobile devices.” The site remains in use until March 19.

Google continues to follow a troubling course that seems to go against the intent to keep. The web as a universal platform now announcing that access to Google Fit via. The web will be cut off, to be available only through the apps.

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Google Fit Shutting Down in March 2019

Anyone accesses will face a warning that web access will close on March 19. Leading users to install the app on their Android smartphone or smartwatch Wear OS.


To continue monitoring their activities and targets users must either install. The Android application or use smartwatch with the Wear OS operating system.

Last year, Google invested about $40 million in Fossils “promising new smartwatch technology.” And it is likely that the company will launch a Pixel Watch this year. Rumors point out it did not release the device until last year because. Google did not consider Wear OS “ready enough.”

One would think if Google will end this access. It will be because it has data that shows it was not having meaningful use. But if so. It will be strange that they have not included this in the bases for this decision. You can not say this kind of work is remarkable. Just remember the case of Google Feed / Discover. Which is still not accessible via the web on a desktop computer. (something that seems even more scandalous that this removal of the access to Google Fit).

Web Apps

With so often focus on unified interfaces and block-program development (not to mention investment in web apps). One would imagine that Google wanted to remain a benchmark example of how this would be possible. But, it seems to want to give the opposite example to revalue. The web and wants to set access to data and services to apps on specific devices.

More frightening we’ll get to where we say it’s what is “expected”. By Google – which seems to be a bad harbinger for things to come in the next few years. From disappointment to disappointment, even the most beloved brands will have a limit on how many users will bear.

The only wearable product created by Google is the Pixel Buds.


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