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Google Pay Update Now integrates Payment System with Gmail



Hello friends Today, in this article, you have been made on Google Pay update now integrates payment system with Gmail. Behalf that Google has been mixing quickly with Gmail and many new futures inside. They have brought it in on Google Payment, which is very much. It will use us and through Google, we can make any kind of payment easily it is also very secure. They have advertised the system on Google Payment so that any company in any corner or any rest from any shop. It is easy to make payments through Google Pay. It is great and we should do more cashless To depend on our futures and more technology on Google Payment. you will find further detail information.

Google Pay (Tez) A Simple and Secure Payment App

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

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Google Pay update now  with Gmail

Google published that the latest update of Google Pay integrates Gmail. Offering features that let you check at the user. Inbox and automatically have important information to the benefit payment app. In a nutshell, imagine that you have discount coupons. Loyalty cards, visit passes or miles and new pays of the kind in your email. Information on these offers can now normally seen Google Pay.

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Google Pay Updates @

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Gmail App With Mixes Google Pay Update  @

Google Pay update with Gmail  App

Then, this information was done available only in the Google Email app. And should manually enter Pay if you required to do use. With the new integration, it takes place simpler to get advances and make more practical use.

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It is necessary to note two points:

The first is that conformity with Google Pay is closed off by default, requiring text activation. The second is that, if you saved out the benefits email, it will also exclude your information from the Pay.

They have not yet done the increase available to the entire user base, but the whole process rarely goes over two weeks.

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We hope you have loved this article because today we have a Google Pay update now mixes payment process with Gmail. And its effects have seen by the above article which is an excellent work for us because on Google. They select it to secure that the alternative payment online work is good. We hope you like or have enjoyed this article if you like these articles. You can tell us your opinion in the comment below.

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