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Android’s new feature uses automated voice messaging to call for help



Hello guys, today we have brought very good news for you and in this article. You will tell all the details of what the news is. Yes, friends posted a few days ago in August. In a speech from Google in(1) August, It’s been said that Google is going to launch. Android’s new feature uses automated voice messaging to call for help. Inside Google’s version of android’s very soon inside Google pixel. Which is very good news and more This will only be launched inside the USA Cities. Through this, you have fallen into any emergency. Immediately you have to type the silent number of 911 messages. And you will go to your location in emergency services and also in this article. Read about this new feature.

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On Tuesday 1 Google announced a new feature of Android. Such should help people in risk emergencies automatic contact with emergency services.

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Automated voice messaging for help:

By calling the 911 telephone number in the United States that centralizes all emergency services. Such as police, fire, and hospitals. The user will must the option of three silent incident buttons. Medical, for medical emergencies for fire situations. The “Police” for police cases such as robberies and kidnappings.

automated voice messaging,Android’s automated voice messaging for Emergency

Android’s automated voice messaging for Emergency

By pressing the desired button, the device will send an automated voice message to the rescue service. Telling you where you are and what is the reason for the emergency. Besides the GPS location (which have already sent automatically. When you call the ransomed number), the system also sends. The “plus code”, which is a short address code that lets. Operators know exactly what your current location.

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Random message button

Adding buttons is a great choice for people unable to speak automated voice messaging or communicate with random messages (such as being held. Hostage or feeling sick to the point of loss) automated voice messaging. And they can even use by people who do not have data plans. As these cells do not require the user to have to call credits or for internet access on the phone.

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According to Google, this function does not sign with the company’s servers. And only the rescue service will have access to the data provided by the distress call. The company has announced that emergency buttons will be available in the coming months for owners of a Pixel smartphone. And some other select models of Android smartphones. Which may be indicative that this will be an exclusive feature of Android Q.

Source: Google

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