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How To Play PC Games On Android Without Streaming



Streaming services have been increasing in power over time, play pc games on Android and we have streaming services for videos, music, and movies that are together. Now Check Detail Play PC Game in Android 

An example is Netflix, which experiences become the largest of all companies, billing millions year after year.

Another streaming market building up power is that of games, and it is already possible to play games via streaming very.

Today we brought an application that supports you to play the games of the PC using only the smartphone, a joystick or keyboard,  play pc games on android and mouse. Check out our tutorial and see how this is available.

Play PC Games on Android:

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This procedure needs to be done on a Wi-Fi connection due to high internet consumption. So do not venture to do this using the 4G internet of your smartphone play pc games on android as it will have your data packet consumed within minutes.

How to Run PC games on android

  • Go to the official Parsec website, download and install the application for your PC or notebook where you have your games installed;
  • At the time of installation, a window asking if you want to enable joystick support will appear, play pc games on android and just select “yes”
play pc games on android|Do not forget to enable the control at the time of installation © (screenshot)

play pc games on android Do not forget to enable the control at the time of installation © (screenshot)

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  • Once this is done, I will complete the installation and a new login screen will appear. Create an account by clicking on the “Sign up” option and then log in. play pc games on android Do not forget to leave the “Stay Logged In” option selected;
play pc games on android| Create an account before you can access the service ©

Android Without Streaming |Create an account before you can access the service ©

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  • Once logged in, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to enter the application settings and select the “Hosting” tab. Within this tab, choose the “Enable Hosting” option. Okay, play pc games on android I set your PC up, and now we’re going to the smartphone;
play pc games on android |Select Enable Hosting ©

Android Without Streaming |Select Enable Hosting ©

[appbox googleplay screenshots tv.parsec.client]

  • Download the Parsec app in the Play Store and log in with the same account you logged into the PC;
  • Connect a joystick to your smartphone via an OTG cable, or use a USB keyboard and mouse set;
  • Once you have entered with your account and password will appear a screen showing your PC. Just click on “Play”, play pc games on android select the game on your PC and have fun through your smartphone.

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After clicking Play, just have fun © (screenshot)

Android Without Streaming |After clicking Play, just have fun |Play PC Game in Android  © (screenshot)

In order for someone else to play their games, they must enter their in-app login. And password directly from their smartphone, regardless of where they are, using a Wi-Fi connection. Oh, and I require the more people connected, the more speed internet.

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Besides Netflix: Play pc games on android

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I could test with the game Shadow of Tomb Raider within 20 kilometers of my PC. The result was very satisfactory, with few lags and delays.

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Play pc games on android On the occasion, I played the game from my Redmi Note 6 Pro with 60 MB connection.

In my house, and 10 MB where I was doing the test. Check out a small demonstration below:

This was my first experience with streaming games, and they pleased me so. I hope that this technology advances more and more because it has a promising future. After testing, leave in the comments what was your impression of what the service offers.

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I believe this post would have liked you very very because above we have learned step-by-step. About how we can play games inside the computer without our internet within our android mobile. play pc games on android You If you like this article you can play it by reading the article in this manner and again Please do it like this and share it and tell your comments below.  Thank you so much.

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