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Motorola One Power | Five New Launches on Android Versions Pie



Best Five new Launches on Motorola One Power Android Versions Pie For the first time in the whole world.

Motorola One Power has updated 5 new futures in Android version Pie throughout the world, and it has only been done in Motorola One Power and it has happened with Android Versions Pie, and we will see it today in full detail.

Finally, the first Motorola One Power World received the long-awaited update to Android Versions Pie.

The system’s new features are numerous, but of course, there are some functions that stand out from others.

I have separated the five features that Motorola One Power received with this update and what you need to know.

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1)Digital Wellbeing Android Versions P

The most interesting feature of Android Versions Pie is still present in the Motorola One Power, which is Digital Wellness. Basically, Digital Wellness is a panel that brings some tools that aim to monitor the time spent by the user in social networks and with the cell phone.

The goal is to monitor and, at the end of the week, deliver reports on user morals.

Motorola One Power Hands-on

Note : The feature does not appear in the system settings menu, you need to go to Google Play, update it and enable it within the app (first image on the left). You can also participate in the beta tests by registering at the store itself. Learn more about Digital Welfare in the article below:

Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness / © Androidsecret  (screenshot)

2)Dark, clear and automatic theme

Google removed from Motorola One Power the final version of Android Versions Pie the option that set the notch to disguise it, however, the dark mode remained present as one of the most awaited features of system fans. Unlike Android Oreo, in its native version, the themes of the Pie vary between light, dark and automatic (in the Oreo there was only automatic, which varied according to the color of the wallpaper).

What differences are there between Android Go and One?

Themes do not have transparency in the application drawer, as it was in Oreo. You find this option in the “Screen” menu, among the system settings.

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Dark Theme

Dark Theme / © AndroidSecret(screenshot)

3)Gesture navigation

Gesture navigation is disabled by default so the user needs to go to System> Gestures to enable navigation that replaces conventional buttons. The Home button now has the function of launching Google Assistant, scrolling to show open applications, and by sliding it up you access multitasking. The back button automatically appears in specific applications.

Gesture Navigation

Gesture Navigation / © AndroidSecret (screenshot)

4)Google Lens

There was a lack of better integration of Google Lens with the Motorola One Power native camera.

In this version, users will be able to rely on Google’s intelligent system that uses Augmented Intelligence to scan codes, labels, objects, and landscapes and display useful information such as pricing, addresses, and others.

Google Lens

Google Lens © AndroidSecret (screenshot)

5)New menus and shortcuts

Android Versions Pie’s big difference is the new floating menus and the new fast shortcut center, which have been redesigned and are more practical and feature rounded icons.

These menus, such as sound control, for example, follow the pattern of the theme chosen by the user, but it is not possible to change the predominant emerald green color of the icons and the context of the interface.

Foot Interface

Foot Interface / © AndroidSecret(screenshot)

The user must enter the settings of the home screen – clicking and pressing the home screen – and change.

The layout of icons between different formats, such as the tear, circle, square, square with rounded corners and others. The color scheme, however, will remain the native of the system.

Icon Formats

Icon Formats / © AndroidSecret (screenshot)

So what Android Versions Pie feature do you like the most? Already received the update on your smartphone?


If you liked this article, please do not forget to comment and what is written in this article is true.

I hope that you understand Motorola One Power and Android version Pie as step by step and in your mobile Good use. Thank you so much

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