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How to Clear Cache and Cached Data

Clear cache and data are two main steps to use the applications installed on any Android device. For the beginners of the process, it is requisite to know the difference between the two options. Although they look similar, they have other purposes. Find out the difference of these cases in the article below.

Clear cache

Clear cached is handled in Android phones so that how a back-up of. how the Piles or Android applications we need becomes a way of browsing through which there is a lot of difficulties. in handling mobile and due to lack of clearance of Android Our Android phone becomes a lot of gangs if we take our support clear with the help of this application, then our clear cached on android phone Will work well.

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When you should clear an application’s cache

There is no need to clear the cache daily, but deleting it can help in solving problems, such as when an application crashes. Emptying it can also be helpful to free up more space in the storage of your device.

You should clear an application’s clear cache only when it is experiencing problems, clear cached data on the android phone or if you need memory.

Clearing the cache of an application

You can delete your android data at once or manully
You can delete your Android data at once or manually
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Below you will find the step by step to clear  cached of your device:

  • Go to the System Settings menu;
  • Select the Applications option;
  • Locate the All tab;
  • Select the application that is causing problems;
  • Select Data / Storage and click “Append Data”.

If you want to do a general cleaning of the cache, instead of cleaning it for each application installed in the device’s memory, you can save time using one option offered by the settings menu of your clear cache on android phone :

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Go to Settings;

Click Storage> Cached Data or Stored Data;

A window prompts you to confirm that all it has removed the stored cache. clear browsing data Please confirm and wait for it to remove content.

Delete data

clearing app data
clearing app data

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Here, all data from the selected application will be removed. This includes any files, accounts, databases, and default settings. When you reopen the application, it will return as if they downloaded it for the first time. We recommend that before doing so, clear browsing data you make sure about the real need of this process.

An easy example to learn is Spotify. If you clear the data from this app, the cache, ’ve downloaded for offline listening (Premium account) will leave. You can use Google’s Go Files to better select files that can be deleted from storage clear cache on android phone.

When to clear data from an application

app cache cleaner
app cache cleaner @

This choice is helpful when a function does, such as when login or log out rights are unavailable. Also, clear browsing data  getting the data can give us a time to seeing the work of some app whose data you have already cleared and yet allows the same issues.

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How to clear data from an application

Deleting data from an application is a different operation than clearing the cache, but the process is the same.

  • Go to the Settings menu;
  • Select Applications and then the All tab;
  • Click on the desired application;
  • Press the Clear Data or a clear browsing data button. If your device is running with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher than you need to click Storage and then  Clear Cache.


I hope you have understood I say what in this article. Because how much clearer cached data is necessary for our phones if we do this. Then the speed and performance of our phones will be superb. Understand all the steps well and do the same and install the application link is above. Do to Google Play Store and install and increase the speed of your phone if it comes to you. Till nice to let us know in the comment Thank you.

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